Our Story

The passion pretty much began as soon as Luke was able to able to shoulder a .410. Growing up he did most of his hunting from the flooded fields of Eagle Lake, TX to the Navasota River Bottoms. His favorite waterfowl memories will always be from his Grandpa's flooded timber in the Kisatche National Forest in Natchitoches, LA. After completing High School in Richmond, TX he moved to Lafayette, LA where shooting out to Kaplan in the mornings before class was easily the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Then it happened. The move from the saturated swamps to the bone dry Texas Hill Country was an avid waterfowler’s nightmare, right? Once he found out that 99% of people couldn’t care less about a duck, goose or a crane in these regions, the goldmine window of opportunity was wide open. After a few phone calls to some local dove outfitters in the first year he was able to get his hands on a couple spots to pay for he and his wife to go kill a few ducks. These dove outfitters literally had hundreds of connections, and Luke was beyond envious of that and said if they can do it, he could do it. Eight years later, Luke now has wonderful relationships with landowners stretching across a 415 mile triangle and has access to over 200,000 acres of deer ranch and farm access filled with honey holes of waterfowl.